My Photography

I enjoy photography to please the eye, or engage new interest, or to record one-time events.

Natural scenes are my favorite subject. Water is usually in the image.

I have many local streams which offer nice scenes in alll four seasons. My favorite is the Scioto River and its tributaries.

Sometimes, the River and the Sky seem to become One.

The colors change hue and value within a single image. Scenes offer contrast between light and dark elements. The incident light can vary by the hour or by the minute.

The reflected light varies according to what the subject "sees" from its location.

I value nature photography because it can capture what the nature looked like before it was altered, or obliterated.

This little ravine park was developed into a nature preserve. That's good but now there's an elevated boardwalk running up the creek, and you can no longer get this shot of the scene looking natural.

Photography goes well with urban exploring, for two main reasons.

First, it creates and publicizes a record of areas which few people see, for example graffiti under bridges. Exploring on foot lets you look around corners and discover things you've been passing by.

Second, having a camera can be your excuse for exploring aroound like that. It provides some immediately apparent explanation of what yoou're doing there.

I try to capture ephemeral events which will never be repeated, because that's fleeting history. Cityscapes change and they tend to forget their past.

Sometimes I can find a perspective which tells a story for the shot. The viewer's eye can wander around the image and realize the relationships between the elements.

Then sometimes just for fun I'll compose a glamor shot to show off an area. The elements are few and big and bold and sweeping.