Gardening and Cooking

Gardening and cooking go perfectly together as enjoyable pastimes.

Growing vegetables and cooking them is an embrace with the Earth.

I like the way a garden beccomes a hub of activity. They attract everything from people to insects.

They provide food from right here, no need to go to a store for anything I can grow for myself. I can step out my back door and immediately be in gardens of herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and more.

There is something magical about producing food from nothing more than seed, sun, earth and water. It requires effort to create garden beds, and weed them, but the rewards are worth it.



My left hand smells
of onion, again

Cooking is an adventure. I consider recipes to be guidelines and suggestions. I seek ingredients available in some particular time or place, like gardens in season or the foods of some area I'm visiting.

Cooking brings people together, whether in the kitchen, around the grill, or the campfire. When it's a collaborative effort, everyone can take pride in their contribution. People demonstrate their old family dishes, which sustains traditions.

My step-daughter once looked in my refrigerator and said, "There's no food here, only ingredients!" The cook's challenge is to have ready all of the basic ingredients, and to be able to combine them to create whatever finished product is desired. When you decide what goes into your food, you know what goes into it.

Many people don't want to cook because it takes effort. They would rather open a package and heat something up. No adventure there, no curiosity to try something new. Offer them something and if it isn't familiar, they don't want to try it. It's like their diet remains in a goldfish bowl.