Welcome to the Friends of the Scioto River


The Scioto at the Franklin/Delaware county line, September

An Agency for the Scioto River in Central Ohio

The Scioto watershed comprises all of the streams in Franklin County, and large parts of surrounding counties. FOSR connects shared interests in the well-being and enjoyment of the greatest natural feature of our region.

Our Concerns Are:

  • Reluctance to "own" watershed problems
  • Out-dated practices damaging the environment
  • Irresponsibility for the quality of water we send downstream

  • Detrimental land-use practices in the headwaters
  • Degradation of streams in urban settings
  • Public health and safety risks from tainted waters

Our Accomplishments Include:

  • Coordinating volunteer service events
  • Meeting with City and parks officials
  • Listening to groups concerned with water issues

  • Sharing information among stakeholders
  • Reaching out to schools
  • Developing educational materials

Local Examples of Watershed Issues and Activities

The Greenlawn Trash Filter

Dam Removals

Honeysuckle: The Green Strangler


FOSR Map Room

ODNR lake maps showing depths and facilities

Historical topographic maps showing the Scioto watershed as it was before the construction of the local reservoirs

USGS Stream Gauges in Central Ohio

City of Columbus Code of Ordinances Chapter 921.
Watercraft on Reservoirs

921.01 Definitions
921.01-1 Vessel and Operations on Waterways
921.01-2 Vessel and Operations on the downtown Scioto River pool
921.01-3 Vessel and Operations on Griggs Reservoir
921.01-4 Vessel and Operations on Hoover Reservoir
921.01-5 Vessel and Operations on O'Shaughnessey Reservoir

Do not flush medications because they can pass through sewage treatment and contaminate streams.

Central Ohio Greenways connect more than 200 miles of trails in parks, along streams, and through the city.


We need members! We welcome new ideas and energy. Membership costs $25/year. We also welcome contributions to further our goals.

Friends of the Scioto River
c/o Alex Silbajoris
276 Old Village Road
Columbus OH 43228

Contact: alexsilbajoris@gmail.com